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Who am I?

One of the fundamental principles of career development is self-knowledge. Better understanding of your own skills and motivations will help to drive your career in the optimum direction. The tools presented here will help you to gain an initial overview of your talents and possibilities. You could also use these tools to help develop your team.

This section of our Diagnostics presents a number of tools and questionnaires that can be used to establish and inform your personal development needs. Using the simple techniques presented here will increase your self-awareness and enable you to have a better understanding of who you are.

The tools in this section are:

  1. Lifeline – Where have I come from? What are the highs and lows of my life so far?
  2. Values – What is important to me?
  3. Key competencies and transferable skills – What are my key skills and competencies?
  4. Motivation self-assessment – What conditions do I need to be in place for me to get the most out of myself?
  5. Learning styles – How do I learn best?

Each downloadable file contains instructions for how to use the tools.

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