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Il Faut Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter

Preview of the developments in GpmFirst

This French phrase has stuck with me ever since my French teacher wrote it on my school report. The basic translation is that you need to step back in order to jump further and it seems an apt expression to describe the current activity behind the scenes at GpmFirst. Gower was acquired by Taylor and Francis, part of the Informa Group, last year and following the integration of the two businesses we are planning some major developments for GpmFirst. In the first instance the site will be rebranded as an Informa site, to reflect our new ownership, but beyond that we are making changes which will have immediate benefit to site users:

  • New published content

Taylor and Francis has a wonderful collection of project-related books, published under the Routledge imprint and under the imprint of our sister company CrC Press. We are currently preparing an editorial plan to bring these (or some of these) books to the site. We are likely to drip-feed new titles onto the site as adding it all in one go would be likely to double the books currently available;

  • A revamped homepage
    The Homepage was the page that gave us the greatest challenge in the original design; working out what to perovide in terms of content and how to present it. Now that we have a far greater repository of both user-generated and book content, we will be revamping the Homepage over the current months to make the content more dynamic;
  • A new team behind the site
    The GpmFirst team now includes the Taylor and Francis digital team, who manage all of our growing stable of digital products; we also have a new development editor, who will work alongside me to develop, curate and moderate the site; and Taylor and Francis have sales teams working with the education and corporate markets, who can reach out and engage with the project community right across the world;
  • New functionality
    We are in the process of rolling out the new functionality for private groups. This allows any group or corporate subscribers to create their own pages on the site, publish their own content, curate and share content from the site all done privately for the benefit of their own network (their students of their employees for example).

Ultimately, all development in GpmFirst depends on you, the users. So do use this opportunity to tell us what you would like to see: what titles from the Taylor and Francis programme would you like to see made available through GpmFirst? What other content would you like to see? How do you rate the current site and its functionality and what new functionality would you like us to develop?

Use the 'Comments' function to share your feedback at the bottom of this editorial or e-mail us at to share ideas or ask for particular things you would like to see. 

Whilst we spend the next couple of months stepping back help us with your feedback to make sure that the developments and improvements to GpmFirst can enable us to indeed to mieux sauter (in my case, I went on to study French at University and emerged with a combined honours, languages degree from Kings College, London. I like to think that my teacher's school report was prescient and perhaps even influential in this outcome).



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