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Chapter 5j of 59 Checklists For Project And Programme Managers (978-0-5660-8775-2) by Rudy Kor and Gert Wijnen

Acquire Power and Authority



Checklist 5.10

Power is defined as the ability to induce a person to do something they would not otherwise have done.

Power is a resource that may or may not be used.

Figure 5.7 You have a number of sources of power


Power can but should not be misused.

How to obtain sufficient power:

  • Make sure you have a voice in determining resources (jobs, money, tools and so on).

  • Gather information about relevant processes, products and services.

  • Get to know important people, bodies and parties.

  • Ensure that people want to identify with you personally or with your ideas.

  • Ensure that other people believe that they depend on you.



  • Fear is a motive for not doing something.

  • Someone who checks everything sees nothing.

  • Showing trust engenders trust.

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