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Chapter 3f of 59 Checklists For Project And Programme Managers (978-0-5660-8775-2) by Rudy Kor and Gert Wijnen

Fill the Position of Project or Programme Manager


Checklist 3.6

Project or programme managers invariably share responsibilities and authority with others outside the project or programme who are not necessarily more senior to them in the parent organisation. The leadership of an assignment is often shared by a number of people.

The people carrying out the work will often have far more professional or technical knowledge than the person leading it.

Figure 3.4 Each project or programme requires an appropriate manager


A project or programme manager is a person with knowledge in many disciplines but excelling in none.

• How to fill the position of project or programme manager:

  • As a project or programme manager, you need to be goal-oriented (in a programme) and/or deliverable-oriented (in a project); this implies tenacity, ambition and independence.

  • Wherever possible, make sure there are not restrictive and obstructive procedures that could damage the assignment.

  • Keep yourself up to date:

    • – leadership (managing and supporting);

    • – the content (not too one-sided; be aware of general patterns);

    • – the basics of project or programme management.


  • When appointing a project or programme manager, ensure that they have all the necessary competencies:

  • knowledge (do they know enough; is their knowledge balanced in all areas?);

  • experience and expertise (can they do what is being asked of them; do they have a proven track record?);

  • attitude (do they want the assignment enough; are they sufficiently motivated?).



  • You can’t become a professional project or programme manager overnight.

  • Never wrong-foot your owner.

  • Always give your team sufficient scope.

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