GPM First

Bridging the Business-Project Divide

ISBN: 978-1-4094-6517-1

In organizations these days, there are two cultures, two sets of expectations, two languages; that of the business-as-usual organization and separately that of projects. These cultures need to work together effectively. Unfortunately, the natural side-effect of two such different perspectives is misunderstanding, mutual incomprehension, and despite good intentions on both sides, failure to deliver desired benefits.

In Bridging the Business-Project Divide John Brinkworth tackles these issues by examining:

· symptoms - how do we know there is a problem? How is it manifested?;
· causes - looking beyond the symptoms to consider the root causes; and
· solutions - how addressing the root causes could lead to more successful projects.

He offers an analysis that is initially focused on the main elements within the project lifecycle; covering the business perspective for each lifecycle step, then the project perspective, and finally a consideration of how these viewpoints can be bridged. He then switches to look at some of the common strands of activity that run through every project: quality, planning, HR, finance, reporting and benefits and provides a similar analysis.

This is a wonderfully pragmatic book which understands that one of the most natural ways to connect projects and business-as-usual activities is by identifying the needs of both, where these diverge and, most importantly, how to bring them together.

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