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Any advice or ideas for measuring changes in stakeholder engagement?

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Different events and even simply the passage of time can erode stakeholder trust and engagement. Does anyone have any simple tools or techniques for measuring these changes or their impact through the life of the project?



  • David Hillson
    By David Hillson

    The PMBOK Guide from PMI includes a whole knowledge area on Project Stakeholder Management (Chapter 13), which includes four basic processes: 13.1 Identify Stakeholders, 13.2 Plan Stakeholder Management, 13.3 Manage Stakeholder Engagement, and 13.4 Control Stakeholder Engagement. Each process is described in terms of Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs. So a good place to start looking for tools or techniques to assess changes in stakeholder engagement through the life of a project would be the T&T sections of the PMBOK Guide Chapter 13.

    Stakeholder management is a fast-moving topic, so the content of the current version of the PMBOK Guide (Fifth Edition) is becoming a little outdated. Fortunately PMI is currently working on the Sixth Edition, due for release mid-2016, and Gower author Dr Lynda Bourne is leading the team to update Chapter 13. Lynda is a global authority on stakeholder management, and the updated chapter is sure to reflect her insights in this vital area, as well as advances in good practice.
    While we wait for the updated PMBOK Guide, Lynda's book "Stakeholder relationship management" (Gower, 2009) would be a great resource (
    Another useful model for monitoring changing stakeholder engagement is the Stakeholder Cube, described in my book "Practical project risk management" (Management Concepts, second edition, 2012,, co-authored with Peter Simon.

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