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Are IT projects fundamentally different to other projects?

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The increasing popularity of Agile development leads some people to suggest that the traditional project management approach, with fixed deliverables set up a the start, is now superseded. But is this true? Is there still room for the traditional project management approach in IT projects?


  • Mounir Ajam
    By Mounir Ajam

    I am assuming by traditional you refer to waterfall methods or similar forms.

    In our views, there are many "things" in project management that are universal across industries, domains, types of projects, and projects' classifications.

    There are also things that are unique, which creates interesting challenges.

    The opportunity is to use a model that can be customized and adapted to the context. This model can use the common - universal aspects and modify the special conditions created by the project context.

    We developed such an approach and we have been publishing about it.

    We have used this approach on software development and many other types of projects from launching an office to building an agricultural farm.

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