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Are project managers born or made?

In Behavioural Traits Skills People | 3 comments

Can the vital instincts and traits be learned or simply are they gifted to the lucky ones in their DNA?


  • Melanie Thompson
    By Melanie Thompson

    Hi Adrian
    That's a great question. To help us answer, could you expand a little? Which instincts and traits would you regard as key?

  • Jonathan Norman
    By Jonathan Norman

    This is one of those yin and yang questions. I suspect that readers will disagree vehemently. I come down in favour of born but only if I reinterpret the question and the answer to say that the best project managers come to the job with a set of behavioural traits and heuristics that equips them to work with stakeholders, to communicate, to make decisions and so on. Not quite 'born' but nevertheless pre-loaded with skills and experience.


    It is gifted but all are gifted. The values, ethics, empathy, creative joy, etc are all gifted to everybody.

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