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IT Project - Construction Project; is there such a thing?

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We often hear about IT Projects and Construction Projects - are there projects like this?

From a service provider perspective, an IT service provider or a construction contractor - maybe.

However, for Project Owner's organization, there are no IT project, there are business project with an IT component of IT phase. There are no construction projects, there are projects with a construction phase.

What do you think?


  • Jonathan Norman
    By Jonathan Norman

    Very interesting point, Mounir. I think the lesson can be applied to any type of project: for different stakeholders what is essentially the same project will appear in a variety of guises or under a variety of names. Think of the message of Gareth Morgan cited in Chapter 3 of Images of Projects (available in the published content on GpmFirst).

  • Melanie Thompson
    By Melanie Thompson

    Hello Mounir
    Thanks for your question. I wonder if you could expand and/or clarify a little?
    Are you thinking of IT projects that are to do with the construction industry? (For instance, a project to get BIM (building information modelling) introduced in a construction company.)

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