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Knowledge management in project environments

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Knowledge management in project environments - what do you think it is?


  • Jonathan Norman
    By Jonathan Norman

    I think there are three levels of KM in project management. There is the operational: what's happening, why, how, when and who? There is the developmental: what are we learning as we deliver and how we are sharing this and then there is the strategic, how do our projects and our project management? function contribute and benefit from our organizational knowledge.

  • Michael Upshall
    By Michael Upshall

    Particularly in IT projects, which I am most familiar with, there are often technical topics that need to be understood by the project team since without that understanding they will not be able to contribute effectively to the project. That seems to me to be an example of knowledge management in a project environment: a knowledge gap that should be identified and filled, for example by providing a glossary of technical terms, or by pointers to reliable sources of information.

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