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Welcome to GpmFirst, the community of practice for everyone involved in project management.

Please introduce yourself to GpmFirst colleagues around the world by posting a comment in this thread.

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  • Jonathan Norman
    By Jonathan Norman

    If you'd also like to get involved in sharing what we are doing on GpmFirst then please do:

    Share the site url with your colleagues. They may not enjoy a free subscription but they can take advantage of the 1 month free trial to find out what the site offers.

    Use the 'Share with Linked in or Twitter' buttons that you'll find on most content pages to create news and social media stories about any content that interests you.

  • stacy_9651
    By stacy_9651

    Thank you, Melanie and Jonathan!
    GpmFirst has certainly come a long way since the beta! Now we just need to get more IPMA members involved! Of course, I'll need to work on a few hygiene issues, such as figuring out how to post my photo so it does not just show my tie!

    Most IPMA members have two important topics right now, all coming in the next month:
    1. The IPMA World Congress at the end of September, where we will see Johnathan;
    2. The release of IPMA's ICB4, the Individual Competence Baseline, which will have significant new impact on learning and certification;
    3. The celebration of IPMA's 50th anniversary, to be held at the IPMA World Congress.

    Perhaps after the Congress we can "stir the pot" and get more IPMA member nation involvement in GpmFirst!

    Thank you!

  • Melanie Thompson
    By Melanie Thompson

    Hello Stacy
    I will get your photo sorted out, asap. Any other technical questions, please do email me direct:

    Look out for this month's Guest Editorial, coming to the Home page shortly - from IPMA president, Reinhard Wagner.

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