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Please recommend articles on early warning systems in construction project management

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I am writing a doctoral thesis on the topic of early warning systems in construction project management. Can you please help me with finding examples, information and/or articles about them?


  • Melanie Thompson
    By Melanie Thompson

    Hello Mariela
    There are lots of articles and books/chapters relating to this topic - especially "risk" on GpmFirst. You can browse by using the Search tools (top right of page) or by going to the Subject pages (top, centre).

    Can you be a bit more specific about the aspects of this topic that you are focusing on? For instance, are you looking for discussions about relevant project management tools, or for case studies?

    Here's a good article that is of general interest and related to you request:

  • Melanie Thompson
    By Melanie Thompson

    And here's a chapter that might be relevant, to begin with:

  • Mariela Sjekavica
    By Mariela Sjekavica

    Dear Melanie, thanks a lot - I had already found the first article You suggested, and the second one is great too (although a bit general). To answer Your question and be more specific I would be quite intrested in practical examples of tools PM's use to identify early warning signs in their projects (I am dealing with construction projects, but tools from IT, finance etc. would also be relevant) - checklists, tables, questionnaires, EVM tools, cause/effect analysis, project health checks, project assessment methods, project success/failure models, decision support models of early warning... Where to search how those look alike used in practice (perhaps on a case study)?

  • Melanie Thompson
    By Melanie Thompson

    Hello again Mariela

    A couple more books that might be helpful:
    and which includes case studies.
    More later!

  • Melisa Young
    By Melisa Young

    Hello Mariela,
    I have a couple of authors looking at this for you! One (Dr. Alexia Nalewaik) asks if she can have a look at the abstract for the doctoral thesis so she knows where you are coming from? Would that be okay?
    Many thanks,

  • Alexia Nalewaik
    By Alexia Nalewaik

    The simplest search would be of the Cost Engineering journal articles and conferences at the AACEI website virtual library:

    Apart from that, keywords this individual might want to search would be: risk management, KPI (key performance indicators), CSF (critical success factors). It sounds like this research might be related to NEC contracts, so that could be another search term.

    Other websites that could have good articles & reports might be CII (, and ASCE's journals (

    Some of my top articles are on ResearchGate.

    Hope that helps.

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