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Is there any way of quantifying the risk relating to issues?

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  • David Hillson
    By David Hillson

    Hmm, I think this question needs some explanation please Michael! Are you saying that because an issue is occurring, then it could give rise to risks? In which case, the issue should be considered as a potential risk cause, and you can use risk metalanguage to identify risks that might arise from it. The structure looks like this: "Because of , might occur, which would lead to ." So you insert the issue into the first clause, then complete the sentence.

    A simpler way to do this is using the "So what?" question. OK, we have this issue - so what? What uncertainties does this introduce? Should we be worried about this issue - why? What might happen next?

    And of course we must remember that the concept of risk includes both threats and opportunities, so an issue could give rise to an upside uncertainty that might help us!

    I'm not sure if this answers the question - hope so!

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