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What do you do when stakeholders are looking for benefits that are clearly beyond the scope of the project?

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Everyone loves benefits, right? But what do you do if your stakeholders are looking for unrealistic benefits or indeed benefits that might even distort the direction of the original project. Does anyone have any foolproof techniques for challenging spurious benefits?



    Do not over quote. It builds up lot of spurious benefits.

  • Jonathan Norman
    By Jonathan Norman

    Good point, Govind. Project managers that are too needy and over-promise to their sponsors are likely to exacerbate the problem and encourage sponsors to ask for unrealistic benefits.

  • Luiza Marilac
    By Luiza Marilac

    One thing is certain in PM: stakeholders are not sure what they want. Expectations change during the project life cycle. Then it is necessary to establish the scope as soon as possible and as clearly as possible. From this point on, the scope must to be the holy grail to be pursued by the project manager. Remember that time, cost, risk, resources, time, quality .... are variables that make project management and therefore is PM's obligation to achieve the scope respecting all project variables.

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