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Who are your best project managers?

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Who are your best project managers? How do you make sure they don't get overwhelmed because of their success? How do we develop other project managers with the same kind of intuitive skills as the best performers?


  • Michael Upshall
    By Michael Upshall

    A key characteristic for me of a good project manager is the ability to listen to stakeholders and to refine their management based on the needs of those stakeholders - it's not a "one size fits all" activity.

  • Dale  Shermon
    By Dale Shermon

    Project Managers need to be leaders and managers. Leaders will confront a problem and tackle it head on while managers will negotiate their way around the problem.

  • Jake Holloway
    By Jake Holloway

    Thinking about the really effective project managers I have worked with, they all have some interesting personal characteristics in common. Surprisingly they are not always highly organised - but they do know the value of organisation. Often they will delegate detail project management tasks and just make sure that they are getting done.

    What they do all share is an ability to persuade - they can sell their project. They don't always do it the same way, but they can read an audience (usually a stakeholder), position the project to them, and get from them what the project needs.

    In fact, knowing what it is that the project needs at any given point is another, slightly intangible, essential skill. It's easy to get stuck on admin tasks, churning through risk registers and gantt charts, when there are really critical factors being ignored - often political or sociological!

    So there are my two factors: they can focus on the truly important, and they can persuade people to help.

    Jake Holloway

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