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Why is it sometimes not clear whether a project has ended or not?

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Have you experienced projects that just seem to drift without ever ending and where no one seems to know whether the project has ended or not? Is there a simple cause or solution to this problem?



    Dear Jonathan,

    Will it be useful if we ask "how" the project ends to come to the question of " why"?



  • Jonathan Norman
    By Jonathan Norman

    I think that's an excellent question Govind, I suspect that how and why are closely related. I wonder whether it would be useful to create a checklist for project closure which identifies common means by which projects can be ended and how to apply appropriately.


    " How" is it at the beginning and " Why" is at the end of the project. I have hardly seen questions like- how do you want the project to end asked ? Appears too uncomfortable, I guess.
    Check list is an excellent idea. Can we have such check list at the beginning of the project.

  • Mounir Ajam
    By Mounir Ajam

    I have been there - many times.
    The reasons are numerous. No proper acceptance criteria; no accountability; and once the core features are operating there is no control to finish the remaining items. There could be many other factors.

    The solutions could be numerous as well.

    For us, we think it is critical to have a well defined project life span with a clear end dates (final acceptance date and project close date). Next, it is critical to establish - completion or acceptance criteria, and success criteria.

    However, like everything else, if organization do not establish the proper organizational project management system or do not enforce it; than we are only left with "go with the flow"

  • Rahayu Setyawati
    By Rahayu Setyawati

    there are 3 deliverables of project,
    1. the job is handed over to the operation team, or to client. PM has handed over procedure and report

    2. Project has submitted the project reports and project cost management report. and PM instruct to the finance the project account can be closed out, of course after the project reports approved by project stakeholders, there is project closed out document of this process

    3. PM team performance has appraised by PM, or 360 degree performance assessment. the HR performance result has been submitted to HR and HR definitely re-take HR from the project

    any comments are welcome
    br, rahayu s. arifin

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