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GpmFirst is designed to enable people to share knowledge, tools, expertise, advice, questions and anything else that can help them gain understanding of and insight into the whole world of project management.


Whether you are new to project management, or an experienced professional, we aim to help you improve the success and resilience of your projects. Click here to start your free trial today. (LINK TO BE PROVIDED)

GPMFirst was created with you and your work in mind. GpmFirst:

  • Gives you access to 1,000+ chapters from over 100 books with many more on the way.
  • Is fully searchable (both by book chapters and user-articles) by subjects and keywords and allows you to create your own lists of books and articles for your organization.
  • Enables users to collaborate and connect with each other within a project management community.
  • Allows users to create public or private articles to share with your immediate peers or colleagues. The site now has more than 1,000 articles and is constantly growing.
The elements of GpmFirst

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Alternatively, try our skills questionnaires and diagnostics to help you think about what type of project manager you are and how this affects your practice, your team and your career …