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Which planet do you come from?

Adrian Taggart's Guest Editorial 'Which planet do you come from?' raises so many interesting questions about the real nature of the supplier/project owner relationship. I have chosen a selection of chapters from Gower books that offer you some tools for understanding this relationship, skills for strengthening it and finally, cautionary examples of what you risk if it all goes wrong.

Psychological Profiling Models – Two well known pyschological profiling models that should be part of your basic armoury for understanding yourself, the client and the contractor.

The Organization and Spirituality in Project Management – Offers a distinctive set of tools for aligning both sides of the contractor/client equation.

Managing Projects: How an Organization Design Approach Can Help – Learn how the dynamics of task, time, turbulence, tribes and transition can derail client/supplier relationships and how to use organizational design to circumvent the problem.

Planning and Execution – Take a fresh look at the core elements of project management from two perspectives: that of the client organization and the project organization.

Reviewing the Quality of Working Relationships – Learn more about some of the core principles of working together and how to review your working relationship.

Emotions in Project Management – How to develop emotional intelligence; a core skill for handling tensions in the client/supplier relationship.

Introduction to Game Theory – Finally, by way of cautionary tale, some classic example of game theory: Prisoners’ Dilemma and Hawk Dove plus the story of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.


Partners for Peace

From Leading Complex Projects


Psychological Profiling Models

From Project Politics


The Organisation and Spirituality in Project Management

From The Spirit of Project Management


Managing Projects: How an Organization Design Approach Can Help

From Changing Organizations from Within


Planning and Execution

From Bridging the Business-Project Divide


Reviewing the Quality of Working Relationships

From Collaborating for Results


Introduction to Game Theory, and a Code of Nature

From Game Theory in Management