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Jean  Binder

Jean Binder

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Jean Binder is the head of project services and execution oversight at Credit Suisse in Zurich. Previously, he managed worldwide programmes for the IT department of large companies in Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, England and Switzerland for more than 17 years.  These programmes involved managing initiatives of increasing complexity and included creating a project management methodology in a global organization, establishing a virtual community of practice, implementing an international project management and launching an internal educational programme for trainers around the world. He specialises in providing mentoring, health-checks, training and workplace support for project managers and senior managers.


Jean is originally from Brazil and is fluent in English, Portuguese and French and has a solid academic background. He is the author of the book, Global Project Management: Communication, Collaboration and Management Across Borders, which provides corporate guidelines on cross-cultural team management and global communication.  He also writes research papers on project management and lectures at conferences, universities and on executive MBA courses.

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